PowerPanel Plus

PowerPanel Plus 2.1

PowerPanel Plus is software for control and monitoring your power UPS
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PowerPanel Plus is software for control and monitoring UPS. It shows all information about UPS and shut down computer automatically when UPS battery is very low. This system provides great protection of data and peripheral devices. It also save all files before shutting down the computer so there is no data loss chances if the system is running out of power. This software is available on windows XP and windows 2000 operating system.
After installation it automatically detects connected UPS and shows all the details on the control panel. It also provides scheduling option so a user can now schedule UPS and can shutdown/Reboot UPS at predetermined intervals. Control panel shows all information like voltage input/output, battery capacity, current load, frequency, Temperature, event schedules, system shutdown timer and back-up time of UPS. Users can also configure notifications and some general settings like alarm setting and connectivity setting with the setup window.
PowerPanel also save critical UPS events, data record and closed application record in a log file. Administrator can then see all the log files and can restore his files and application. Advance setup window gives control over shutdown time and notification and user can set the AVR range.

Manoj Goel
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  • Protect data and files in case of power failure.
  • Display all the critical information about UPS.
  • Save all files before shutting down the system.
  • Easy to use and more flexible.


  • Gives only estimated information about back-up time which can misguide user.
  • Shutdown system automatically which may cause losing some critical data.
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